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Tattoo fonts

Saturday, February 4th, 2012

There is a really cool and awesome website for tattoo fonts called They have a bunch of awesome tattoo fonts you can download. You can print these fonts out and bring them with you when you go for your next tattoo. If your having a tattoo with fonts, its a good idea to find a font that would go well with your tattoo.

If you are planning on doing a lilly flower, you could do something with scripty. Since lilly is a flower and it is pretty. It reminds me of something girly and pretty. So I would def do some type of script or a really pretty font that accented the flower. I would want the flower and lettering to stand out. Also color is very important too.

If you are unsure about colors or fonts, ask your tattoo artist. They know what looks good on skin and what looks not so good.