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Cra-Z-Art 3DShimmer N Sparkle Tattoo n Jewels Body Art

Monday, February 20th, 2012

My friends daughter is in love with my butterfly tattoo. She is only 12 and is so into tattoos. I don’t think her Mom likes that she likes tattoo. There is nothing that she can do. If her daughter likes tattoo, that is her. I can really see that she would be one of those parents hating on their kids for wanting/ or having tattoos. I def see that being a problem/issue once she gets older. I guess she needs to understand that she is just trying to be creative.

What will probably happen is once her daughter is old enough to get a tattoo, she will prob sneak off and get one. I see this happen all the time. The parents hate tattoos and want nothing to do with.  If the parents would listen to her child, maybe they would not have to hide and sneak around and get it. They have to meet in the middle.