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Something to match

Friday, February 10th, 2012

My brother is planning on getting married this summer. He has a lot of tattoos (and so does his wife) and he asked me if I could help him look for some nice manly looking titanium wedding bands that he thinks would go well with this tatts. He doesn’t call them tattoos, he calls them tatts. So if I refer to “tatts” it is because of him! So we went looking at a few sites. Didn’t really see anything. We both agreed we didn’t like what seen until we found this website that had the following ring (above). This is the one he got and purchased. More details about it below.

According to

This TRITON titanium ring with Nitinol(black titanium) cable features two tension set diamonds. The different elements of the gray titanium, against the black cable and the white diamonds, creates a uniquely handsome ring. The diamonds are captivatingly held by the cross tension of the ring. Measuring a wide 8mm, and makes a great mens wedding band!