Permanent Eye Liner

March 15th, 2012 by admin

I get so tired of applying eye liner every day. I really like to wear it, it gives that pop to my eyes. I dread applying it. Mornings I have to get the children off to school then myself to work so it is always a rush around my house. Applying eye liner takes time, you can’t rush that part of make-up like you can applying mineral base and other types of make up. I have been finding myself skipping the eyeliner some days to save time even though it really stands out and I love the look.

Enter permanent eye liner. This is now what I am considering. I see many advantages like, it’s done, always there when you wake up, VOILA! What a time saver. However another part of me says, what if the technician messes it up and I have crooked permanent eye liner forever. What if I choose the trusty dark brown shade I have been wearing for 10 years for permanent then decide I would rather have light brown. What if I go blind because the tool goes nuts and stabs out my eye.

However after reviewing many cases of individuals who have had Permanent makeup and talking to a couple friends and family members I think that is the way to go.

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